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Become an Instructor


You are thinking about becoming a music teacher, but don’t know how to start or you’ve already tried to teach, and found that it’s hard to connect with students. I’ve been teaching for more than 20 years, studying pedagogy, working in the University of Pedagogy for years, and running my own school for more than 10 years. I’ll be glad to share my knowledge and experience. You may also get an opportunity to work at TPAC as a bonus.


What you can learn:

  • Basics of pedagogy
  • Get or develop necessary skills or knowledge such as Music Theory, Sight Singing, Ear-Training, and Music History
  • Learn Music Literature
  • Learn how to make your lessons fun and sustain the attention of your students
  • Learn how to work with different age groups
  • Get help developing your own teaching methods
  • Learn how to start your own music studio and make money teaching music
  • Get an opportunity to observe lessons and assist with teaching (this is how you get your experience)
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